TeamPraxis Management Team


Creighton Arita
Creighton serves as the CEO of TeamPraxis, overseeing the strategic direction and company initiatives promoting innovation. Mr. Arita founded TeamPraxis in 1992 and built the company into the largest managed service organization in the state. In addition, Creighton also serves as the chief executive office of ‘ike providing oversight for the family of companies.

Marvis Shigeta-Rosa
Chief Revenue Cycle Officer & VP, Customer Relations

Marvis has been with TeamPraxis since the company’s founding in 1992 and oversees the company’s core Revenue Cycle Management functions. Building on her over 25 years of healthcare management experience, she continues to play an integral leadership role in TeamPraxis’ growth and expansion.

Troy Tamashiro
VP of Healthcare Program Innovation

Troy is responsible for the development of new software and services at TeamPraxis. He returned to TeamPraxis in 2015 after spending 5 years working with HMSA and independent physician practices in Hawaii.