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These are real numbers from a real Management Service Organization (MSO) who piloted ConnxtMD™ with ConnxtAI in the 2nd quarter of 2017. Using our unparalleled Triangle of Success (which is made up of ConnxtMD™, ConnxtAI, and our Global Cycle Team), this MSO was able to harness the razor-sharp insights of our software solution duo to empower our Global Cycle Team with the exact information they needed to hunt down the idle claims and get them processed as fast as possible with incredibly high levels of success.

The goal with this MSO was simple: reduce the total number of idle claims.

With TeamPraxis’ all-new Triangle of Success, this MSO was able to decrease the idle claims from 18,126 tickets ($4.25 million) to 4,553 tickets ($1.08 million) in just over three months!

You’re welcome.

With laser-sharp data software tools that totally squash the cumbersome and clunky manual processes of the past, why would you look anywhere else for the next evolution of RCM service? Only TeamPraxis has the revolutionary combination of an experienced team, innovative software, and dynamic infrastructure that can get these kinds of results.

Let our system pay for itself. Get paid what you deserve.

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