A 24hr Global Team of Claims Specialists…Getting You Paid

Lost time = lost income. Time is not on your side when it comes to unprocessed claims. That’s why our global system of around-the-clock claims processors ensures there is always a professional specialist working hard to get you paid…even while you sleep.
Activate Your Global Team

Your Work Day May Be Over, But Ours isn’t Until You Get Paid

Leveraging the power of a unified team of process specialists around the world, our Global Cycle Team utilizes the best of technology and communications to perform the unique tasks associated with claims billing.

Follow the Sun

Consistent work yields consistent results. It feels good knowing that even though the sun is setting at your workplace, it is rising over the office of your professional team of claims specialists striving to get you paid.

One Team. One Dream.

Our Global Cycle Team are rockstars at what they do, fulfilling Federal compliance standards and expertly trained in our unique billing software suite:  and ConnxtAI.

You worked hard for it. You deserve it. Experience the feeling of a professional service team working around the clock fighting to deliver maximum value for the exceptional care you provide.

Your information is safe and secure with us

Secured, private Internet access 24x7 Redundant power source Daily data backups State-of-the-art server technology

Faster. Smarter. More Powerful.

The brilliance of leveraging a geographically-empowered team of professionals across the globe allows us to virtually work around the clock, no matter what time it is when your office closes and you go to sleep. This engine makes us faster and more precise in how we recover idle claims and accomplish the tedious work of maximizing your income.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Implementation take?
Generally, we can have you set up in less than 8 weeks!
What specialists do you support?
Here is a list of some of our specialty expertise:

✔ Allergy ✔ Anesthesiology ✔ Cardiology ✔ Critical Care Medicine ✔ Dermatology ✔ Emergency Medicine ✔ Endocrinology ✔ Family Medicine ✔ Gastroenterology ✔ Geriatrics ✔ Hematology ✔ Internal Medicine ✔ Nephrology ✔ Neurosurgery ✔ Nuclear Medicine ✔ Oncology ✔ Ophthalmology ✔ Otolaryngology ✔ Pain Management ✔ Pediatrics ✔ Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation ✔ Podiatry ✔ Psychiatry ✔ Pulmonology ✔ Radiology ✔ Rheumatology ✔ SNF ✔ Surgery, Orthopedic ✔ Surgery, Plastic ✔ Surgery, Thoracic ✔ Surgery, Vascular
Who handles the payments / funds?
It is sent to a secure lockbox to alleviate commingling of payments.

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