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Honolulu, HI – TeamPraxis is celebrating 25 years of innovation of their healthcare software solutions and services that have been used by more than 10,000 physicians nationwide. An affiliate of the ‘ike family of companies, TeamPraxis provides business and clinical solutions to independent healthcare providers, including practice management, electronic health records, clinical quality solutions and practice transformation in an effort to improve patient care and create healthier, happier communities.
TeamPraxis leadership celebrate with the unveiling of the 25th Anniversary poster
“When TeamPraxis launched in Hawaii in 1992, the focus was on building a physician information network,” said Creighton Arita, chief executive officer and founder of TeamPraxis. “Many physicians are in solo practices where there is a lot of duplication and inefficiencies. Our goal was to build economies of scale, leverage the power of data, increase collaboration and create the best practices so they would have a stronger voice in our changing delivery system.” The uncertain future of healthcare has inspired TeamPraxis to invest more in innovation. One area of increased investment is in their flagship revenue cycle management system, ConnxtMD, and TeamPraxis’ new cloud-based intelligent data platform, InsightsAI, which identifies lost claims. In a beta release earlier this year, TeamPraxis’ first pilot client used InsightsAI to recover 75 percent of wayward idle claims for their physician practices in just over three months.
Game time at the 25th Anniversary party!
“The results have been phenomenal,” added Arita. “Where there is change there is also opportunity, and I’m confident in our current strategy and product roadmap. The timing is perfect as there is a resurgence in the revenue cycle business as reimbursement models transition from fee for service to value-based payment models. We are able to leverage data to help physicians navigate through that change and get paid what they deserve.”
Looking ahead, TeamPraxis will continue to focus its efforts on ConnxtMD and InsightsAI. Clinical Quality Solution (CQS), ConnxtMD, and InsightsAI are systems that TeamPraxis owns, continues to develop, and licenses nationwide.

“It’s been a privilege to serve my team here at TeamPraxis for the last 25 years,” added Arita. “I’m honored to work alongside these incredible transformationalists, living our purpose of enriching the lives of individuals in Hawaii by sparking innovation.”

Founder and CEO, Creighton Arita

About TeamPraxis

TeamPraxis was founded in 1992 to empower physicians to focus on providing the highest quality patient care for their communities. TeamPraxis is part of the ‘ike family of companies, which was established in 1975 with its founding member, DataHouse. Other ‘ike companies include ‘Ekahi Health, Sagely, and Pacific Hi-Tech. For more information about TeamPraxis, visit