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Dr. Daniel Belcher

Internal Medicine

"MU adoption was very quick and easy with the support from TeamPraxis. It didn’t add any time to the patient workflow. The attestation took only 20 minutes – it was so easy and smooth. The best part though was when we got the check!"

Dr. Kenneth Lee

Internal Medicine

"TeamPraxis answered every question, no matter how silly. They had monthly reports and would encourage us wherever we needed to improve. Four years ago it was a bit rough, but now I love it! I can't imagine practicing without EHR. I happened to be online when CMS made the direct deposit for MU, wonderful!"

Dr. John Houk

Internal Medicine

"The quality of care I'm giving today is better than ever thanks to Enterprise EHR and the associated modules that have allowed me to practice at this high quality. I'm transforming my practice to PCMH with the EHR. Excellent quality, getting better everyday."

Over 1,000 providers in Hawaii use TeamPraxis

Developed over 20 years, our integrated suite of EHR solutions and extensive local support have helped 27 Hawaii physicians achieve MU Attestation. Another 150 local physicians using our technology expect to receive $3+ million from the Federal incentive program for 2012.


Practice Management

ConnxtMD automates medical billing and practice management tasks, creating efficiencies and saving practices time and money

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Electronic Health Records

TouchWorks EHR is a robust yet easy to use platform that enables physicians to provide the highest quality of care and get paid for it.

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