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Since 1992, our passion has been to empower physicians and specialists to increase productivity and strengthen their bottom line, freeing them to focus on what they love the most: delivering exceptional care for their patients.
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The Triangle of Success

The success TeamPraxis provides for our physicians and specialists is empowered by our Triangle of Success, the three dynamic, workhorse systems that are at the core of everything we do: our ConnxtAI technology, the  software and development innovators, and our around-the-clock Global Cycle Team.

Innovators of TeamPraxis

Meet the futurists and risk-takers who foster a culture of inspiration, creative mindsets, and enthusiastic teamwork. Together they strive every day to set a higher standard, passionately believing in the possibilities of the future.

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When everyone else is focused on the problem, do you see the potential for solutions?

Being an innovator in technology and healthcare means you thrive on being part of a team that is constantly breaking ground and developing solutions that will empower physicians, specialists, and leaders in your community and beyond.

TeamPraxis very well may be the title of the next chapter of your career…

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