For the last twenty-five years serving physicians and specialists with Revenue Cycle Management services, we have learned some strategic insights into the fastest, most effective methods to getting our clients paid what they deserve.

One of the most important of these insights is simple: there is no one silver bullet solution to RCM. It’s not just a better team or the newest software on its own. Truly successful results come from a dynamic synergy of top of the line resources activated together under the wisdom of leadership that has almost three decades of experience in the industry.

This is our Triangle of Success.


Our innovative secret recipe combines the power of three revolutionary engines working together at the exact right balance to produce unprecedented results.

1) The all-new  is TeamPraxis’ easy-to-use, time-saving practice management software that is paving the way for the future of RCM. It includes the foundations of a robust Artificial Intelligence engine that uses machine learning to alert and fix problems within an individual practice’s billing workflow. This maximizes income and creates a more intelligent billing process based on the current rules, regulations, and demands of all that is happening in Payment Transformation across the country. You cannot afford to be left behind in the shifting landscape of Payment Transformation, and TeamPraxis is one of the guidance voices and strategic leaders in this area in America today.

2) Our Global Cycle Team combines years of committed relationships, best practices, and passionate people who are committed to one over-riding goal: getting you paid what you deserve. The brilliance of leveraging a geographically-empowered team of professionals across the globe allows us to virtually work around the clock, no matter what time it is when your office closes and you go to sleep. This engine makes us faster and more precise in how we recover idle claims and accomplish the tedious work of maximizing your income.

3) The one-of-a-kind software engine, ConnxtAI, is our proprietary platform designed to pull back the darkness that shrouds lost idle claims and shine a light of precision and power into the process. With the click of a button, the harsh reality of an individual practice’s idle claims’ status can be accessed and thus, moved on by our Global Cycle Team in a timely way to avoid losing that claim forever. Our first MSO to harness the power of Insights absolutely blew us away, recovering 75% of wayward idle claims in just over three months, representing an average of $30,190.00 per physician practice! When we say “No Claim Left Behind,” we mean it. We are committed to making sure not one of your hard-earned dollars falls through the cracks of the complex, cumbersome healthcare billing machine that exists today.

Our Triangle of Success works virtually around the clock so you can focus on what you’re passionate about: providing excellent care to your community.

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