Thrive above the administrative
burden of healthcare

Innovative technology solutions to increase revenue and empower you to provide higher quality care

” TeamPraxis implemented new payment models and technology, coached us, and helped us achieve new goals through workflow and process changes…

increasing revenue for our organization! 

 Clayton McGhan, MHA, President/CEO of Ali‘i Health

Drowning under the complexities of value-based care?


So many physicians are struggling today under the administrative burden of new payment models… 

With some practices on the brink of closing their doors altogether.

At TeamPraxis, we provide innovative technology solutions to ease that burden, empower you to do what you’re trained to do, and enhance your patient experience.

Empowering you to do what you do best

“In the current Practice

Management World, there are

many decisions to make…

TeamPraxis has always

been a trusted partner. ”


– Carla Nip-Sakamoto, MD


Decrease Administrative Burden

Save time and resources while maximizing staff productivity

Increase Revenue

Reward your physicians and staff with the income they deserve

Make a Greater Impact

Reach more patients and provide the highest quality of care possible

“We now have better population health tools, telehealth integration, and practice coaching, which has helped create better patient engagement and outcomeslower administrative burden, and improved our financial health!

 Marc Sim, MAcc, ‘Ekahi Central Medical Clinic

Your partner in technology and innovation


Comprehensive Practice Assessment

Powerful Revenue Cycle Management Services

Intuitive Practice Management Technology

Patient Relationship Management Systems

Expert Guidance in Value-Based Programs

Practice Coaching and Local Support

Trusted by Doctors Everywhere

“In the current Practice Management and EHR world, there are many costly decisions to make…with every bend in the road, TeamPraxis has always been an honest, trusted partner.”


“2222In the current Practice Management and EHR world, there are many costly decisions to make…with every bend in the road, TeamPraxis has always been an honest, trusted partner.”


“3333In the current Practice Management and EHR world, there are many costly decisions to make…with every bend in the road, TeamPraxis has always been an honest, trusted partner.”


Is TeamPraxis right for you?

We understand your passion to serve your patients with the highest quality of care.

To do that… you need to be empowered to focus on what you do best.

Unfortunately, the heavy burden and confusion of value-based care have left even our best physicians feeling helpless, overwhelmed,
and wondering if it’s worth the stress.

Here’s how we can help…

We believe every physician deserves proven technology solutions for their practice so they can provide the highest quality care for their patients.

We completely understand the struggle–especially the unique issues local practices have right here in Hawaii.

Since 1992, we’ve been working closely with local providers, payers, and physician organizations, leveraging the years of experience we have serving over 20,000 doctors across 40 states with innovative technology solutions so practices can better serve the people in their care.

How do we do it?


We partner with providers, payers, and

physician organizations to:


– Outsource and automate foundational administrative duties to free up time and resources for patient care

– Give physicians and practice leaders data-driven, practice-centric solutions to best manage their patient panel’s risk, utilization, and cost

– Support last-mile challenges by integrating actionable data into practices’ existing workflow



“One of the greatest values of working with TeamPraxis is the collective knowledge base and resources available to help clients through the constant changes in the healthcare industry. It’s difficult for a sole provider to keep up with all the changes, and it provides us some peace of mind knowing that we can rely on TeamPraxis as a resource and for assistance.”

-Calvin Oishi, MD

So schedule an assessment with us today.

It’s time to relieve the administrative burden healthcare’s constantly-changing environment has placed on your practice.

Activate the innovative technology solutions you need to increase your cash flow, be empowered to do what you’re trained and passionate to do, and make the greatest impact in your community.

Don’t wait. Connect with us today.

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Implement technology and proven processes to stop leaks and accelerate growth


Enjoy Doing What You Love Again

Relieve the administrative burden, increase revenues, and provide the highest quality of care

Empowering you to do what you do best

The TeamPraxis Guarantee

Enjoy a True Partnership:

We take on the upfront risk and succeed only when you do

95% Collection Guarantee:

Our RCM Services will collect 95% or more…that’s our promise to you

Experience Time and Resource Savings:

See more patients, maximize staff productivity, and provide a better patient experience

Safe and Secure Healthcare Information:

All our software, systems, and staff are certified to meet or exceed industry standards

Get Paid What You Deserve:

Increase revenue so physicians and staff can be rewarded and get paid more

Caring For You as You Care for Your Patients:

We’re committed to a healthy partnership and working relationship with you

End the struggle of living under a heavy administrative burden


We get it…because we’re working with providers all day, every day;

We know many are wrestling with decreased morale in their practice. Some are afraid they won’t even make it to the end of the year.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way.

Schedule your personalized assessment and see the dramatic and speedy turnaround that’s possible for your practice this year.

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