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The all-new ConnxtMD™ Revenue Cycle Management service, empowered with InsightsAI, instantly uncovers cashflow issues before they become a problem by

utilizing powerful, revolutionary technology.

Maximize Your Revenue!

End the Headaches of the Billing Process

Worrying about getting paid what you deserve distracts you from focusing on what you love to do: taking care of your patients. Our easy-to-use platform and revolutionary RCM service restores your time, energy, and passion.

No Claim Left Behind

Lost claims = lost income. We take this seriously. Our proprietary InsightsAI software gives us instant clarity on potential collection problems so not a single dollar falls through the cracks.

Our Services Pay for Themselves

Our physicians recover an average of 10 – 15% more collections than the typical office using the all-new ConnxtMD™ with InsightsAI. You can sleep better at night knowing our revolutionary system is working around the clock to get you paid.

The Future of RCM... Working for You Today

Our next generation software tool, InsightsAI, delivers our Global Cycle Team the precise information they need to work on your behalf to recover the money you deserve.

Why waste time with manual, outdated systems when you can rely on intuitive, data-empowered software tools?

Revolutionary Solutions

ConnxtMD™ System

Experienced developers, user-friendly software

Global Cycle Team - RCM

Around the clock billing service

InsightsAI Dashboard

Data-driven claims recovery system
I truly appreciate TeamPraxis’ guidance and advocacy. Not many companies are as collaborative and community-minded as TeamPraxis. In the current Practice Management and EHR world, there are many costly decisions to make … with every bend in the road, TeamPraxis has always been an honest, trusted partner who has never taken advantage of anyone or any situation. I have deep respect for TeamPraxis, a family business that treats every one of us like family! Appreciate all you and your team are doing for our physician community. Carla Nip-Sakamoto, MD

Recognized by “Best Doctors in America” since 1998, Oahu Dermatology

Enjoy peace of mind with our 95% RCM Performance Guarantee

The “team” in TeamPraxis means we all win when we work together as a team. For our new clients who are engaged in the billing process with us, we are excited to offer our 95% Performance Guarantee as we begin our relationship together. Our unparalelled Triangle of Success system gives us the confidence and boldness to make this offer…so ask us about it when we connect next!

Consistently Exceeding National MGMA Benchmarks

TeamPraxis meets or beats the industry standard of collections. We do this with our unparalleled Triangle of Success—a dynamic combination of powerhouse elements: our InsightsAI tool, our around-the-clock Global Cycle Team system, and our ConnxtMD™ software solution, which includes the experience of over 190 of some of the best developers, innovators, and futurists in the industry.

Over 25 years of serving physicians and specialists

In 2017, TeamPraxis celebrated twenty-five years of dynamic growth, lessons learned, and technological innovation in the industry. Our rich history working hand-in-hand with local physicians has given us a deep understanding of their needs and the solutions they require for success, including the wisdom necessary to navigate through the future uncertainties of the changing landscape of healthcare in our nation.

98.9% average collection ratio

A typical office collects an average of 85% of its claims processing in-house. By improving its collection ratio from 85% to ours (at 98.9%), that office would recover approximately $140,000 of top line revenue in a timely manner per $1 million in claims, without downsizing in-house billing staff.

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