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The all-new , empowered by ConnxtAI, is a revolutionary, symbiotic software solution suite that laser-focuses on idle claims to ensure that no dollar is left behind.

The Data Doesn’t Lie

Our first MSO to harness the power of ConnxtAI absolutely blew us away, recovering 75% of wayward idle claims in just over three months, representing an average of $30,190.00 per physician practice! When we say “No Claim Left Behind,” we mean it. We are committed to making sure not one of your hard-earned dollars falls through the cracks of the complex, cumbersome healthcare billing machine that exists today.
Knowing your claims specialists have full transparency at the click of a button to access the location of every idle dollar is a huge weight off your shoulders.

The Power of ConnxtAI With

Aggregate and display data across all your practices.
View claims status in realtime for empowered action.
Receive transparent data for process improvement, BI, and practice insights

Closing the Gap with Idle Claims

The first MSO to use Insights recovered 75% of wayward idle claims in just over three months, representing an average of $30,190.00 per physician practice! ConnxtAI is a powerful, behind-the-scenes leveraging tool that works hand in hand with  and our Global Cycle Team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ConnxtAI?

ConnxtAI is an analytical tool that allows TeamPraxis to monitor claims in aggregate across our entire enterprise.  It helps us to identify why claims are not getting paid. It helps us monitor your collections and charges so that we can spot problems before it impacts your cashflow.  It helps us to cohesively work with our global service team.  It also helps us monitor key practice patterns that impact your cashflow (e.g., number of visits, number of no-shows, number of cancellations, etc.)

Can it work with other practice management systems?
No. was architected in a way to mine data across our portfolio of clients. This allows us to monitor and compare practices against their peers in ways that other practice management systems cannot.
Can it work with other Data Feeds?
Yes. We are currently integrating clinical and claims data into ConnxtAI to support physicians through payment transformation.
How much does it cost?
ConnxtAI serves as the backbone for our entire revenue cycle management business. If you are a full-service RCM customer, you are receiving the benefits of this solution.
Can I get access to it if I’m a turnkey/SAAS customer?
At this time, individual clients that are leasing our software do not have access to ConnxtAI.

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