Dear Valued Clients,

Like many companies across the state who are dealing with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, TeamPraxis is taking pro-active measures to protect its employees and our customer commitments. We have begun steps to implement the following action plans to minimize exposure and impact to normal business operations.

  1. We are encouraging, where appropriate, a remote working environment to minimize exposure between employees. This entails the necessary outfitting of remote workstations, secure phone lines, and additional HIPAA compliance training.
  2. We are encouraging increased usage of video conferences to conduct internal and external client meetings to minimize outer-island travel and group exposure.
  3. We are working with our partners and vendors to collaborate on contingency plans to minimize disruption. This includes local and national payers, clearinghouse partners, local banks, etc.

We are focused on continuing to provide you excellent service while ensuring the safety of our employees. We appreciate your understanding of these business modifications.

As always, we at TeamPraxis wish you the best and that you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy.


Troy Tamashiro

Executive Vice President of TeamPraxis